Darkness And Light (A review of the new John Legend album)

I wonder if John Legend introduces himself as “Legend. John Legend”

I would.

My first introduction to the R&B singer’s music was with his 2013 album “Love In The Future.” I know. I’m Suuuuuuper late jumping on the J Leg train. You’ll find that’s a trend with me since my love for music didn’t become fully realized until around age 14 (I’m 22). More on that in a different post. Right now let’s talk about Darkness And Light!

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable of John Legend’s music. Although I haven’t heard every album, (Still need to listen to “Get Lifted”) I can confidently say he is my favorite R&B artist. I think my favorite album of his before D & L was probably Evolver. I base that off of the fact that I like almost every song on the album. Love in The Future was great but I only liked 5 or 6 of the songs.

In recent years it has become more popular to have an album comprised of singles.

By that I mean songs which have stand-alone value separate from the cohesive whole.

Unlike the records of old, (think Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon) these albums don’t usually follow a lyrical or melodic theme and rarely will one song seamlessly seep into the next.

Darkness and Light is a bit of a departure from this trend. At first listen, I immediately recognized the melodic theme. Most of the songs are bass, synth and voice driven (which I love!) There is a lot of piano (it wouldn’t be John Legend without piano!) and some organ lending support as well.

I give it an 8.5 out of 10 overall.

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